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Law Offices of Timothy M. Grogan

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Timothy Grogan started his legal career in 1981 as a law clerk for his father, a prominent Detroit attorney and Trustee for
the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Michigan.  He earned his Bachelor's Degree from the University of Michigan, and graduated with honors from the Michigan State University College of Law (1996).  He is licensed to practice in Florida and Michigan, and actively practices in the following areas:

     Real Estate - litigation, foreclosure defense, mortgage modification, sales transactions;

     Criminal Law - defense of felony and misdemeanor charges; sealing and expungement of criminal history;

     Aviation & Business Law - defense of pilot certificate enforcement actions; contracts; mediation and litigation of                   aviation and business/commercial related disputes.

Mr. Grogan has been a licensed airline pilot for over 25 years, and regularly flew domestic and international flights for a national scheduled airline. He was based at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, and also at at Washington Dulles International Airport.  He is a former flight instructor and is rated to fly aircraft ranging from single engine trainers to multi engine jet airliners.

Mr. Grogan is an avid auto racing fan, and prior to becoming an airline pilot he was a licensed automotive master mechanic, and later became a NASCARĀ© team owner.

He is a published author, having written three novels, two of which chronicle his experiences in the cockpit and in the courtroom, and the third is an urban survivalist thriller.